About Us

Breathtaking Uganda

Breathtaking Uganda🇺🇬 is a private secEo & Founderr-led citizen-driven Social Enterprise that is positioning Uganda as the ultimate African destination for tourism. Launched in 2018 by the Chief Justice of Uganda Hon. Alphonse Owiny-Dollo Chigamoi and Minister of State for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities then Hon. Godfrey Ssubi Kiwanda, we are today Uganda’s leading domestic tourism player

Our Value Proposition

Breathtaking Uganda is a leading travel design company dedicated to crafting individually inspired and unique travel experiences for small groups. We also offer tailor-made programs to individuals, families, associations and large organizations.

Our Mission

We at Breathtaking Uganda aspire to be the best travel design company in Africa by adding value to our customers, staff, business partners and stakeholders. We will deliver exceptional services by providing customized, unique and unforgettable travel experiences.

Why Choose Breathtaking Uganda


We provide a one-stop-shop for travelers, offering a range of services such as flight booking, hotel reservations, tour packages, and transportation arrangements. This makes the process of planning and booking your trip much easier and more convenient.


We have knowledgeable and experienced staff who are trained to provide expert advice and guidance on destinations, travel options, and itinerary planning. This allows you to get the most out of your trips and we ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.


We have access to a range of special offers, discounts, and packages that are not available to individual travelers. This will help travelers save money on their trips, making travel more accessible and affordable.


We provide valuable information on travel health and safety, as well as arrange travel insurance and emergency support services. This helps travelers to feel more secure and confident when traveling, especially to unfamiliar destinations.

Local knowledge:

We have local contacts and knowledge of destinations, which help our travelers to get the most out of their trips by experiencing local culture, cuisine, and attractions.


We help travelers to create customized itineraries based on their specific preferences and needs. They can provide recommendations and advice on the best places to visit, the best time to travel, and the most suitable activities and experiences for the individual traveler or group.

Ease of payment:

We help to simplify the payment process for travelers, allowing them to make all their travel arrangements and payments in one place, rather than dealing with multiple suppliers.

Local support:

We have support networks in destinations, providing travelers with 24/7 assistance and support throughout their trips. This can help to resolve any issues or problems that may arise during travel and ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

Access to exclusive experiences:

We have access to exclusive experiences and activities that are not available to individual travelers. This can include behind-the-scenes tours, private access to attractions, and VIP experiences that enhance the overall travel experience.


By working with with, travelers be confident that their trips are arranged in a responsible and sustainable manner, taking into account the impact of travel on local communities and the environment.