Easter in Wildness With Aero-Link for 4Days & 3nigts

Easter in the wilderness by Air and Road with Breathtaking Uganda and Ikorom Safari Lodge(VIP 1.8m per person) and Vilakazi Lodge, Budget (1.4m Per person) Murchison Falls NP Good Friday to Easter Monday (return air ticket and accommodation and activities all inclusive package)

By Road (Tourist Safari Coaster Bus, 30 slots only available 870k Ikorom Safari Lodge(VIP)


By Road (Tourist Safari Coaster Bus) 670k Vilakazi Safari Lodge(Budget

Friday 15th Apr – 17th April 2022

The BIG BOYS CARAVAN Around Uganda 2022, 12Days

Dubbed “The Big Boys Caravan,” the twelve-day road trip around Uganda will cover all the key tourism sites, national parks and water bodies among other physical features in what was termed as restarting tourism.

The trip which will start on January 27, will see a team of tourism enthusiasts and media persons embark on a 12-days trip which will be punctuated with stop-overs at different sites for profiling and mapping.

Thursday 27th Feb to 8th February 2022

The Breathtaking Uganda Experience

Whether you are looking to create your own dream itinerary or searching for inspiration, Breathtaking Uganda has the travel design experts to help you. Our customised travel services are bespoke, individualised and based on your desires and specific wants. We strive to craft a unique and individually inspired tour that weaves together beautiful resorts, native cultural experiences and exciting adventures. Dedicated specialists work with you to craft a truly unique experience where luxury and authenticity come together in a breathtakingly bold way.

Ssesse Getaway Weekend 2022

Wetege Ku Easter Nne AeroLink

Lemala Wild Waters Lodge

Fort Portal with Miss Uganda 2021

BirdsNest Resort - Lake Bunyonyi

Kidepo National Park

Your journey into stunning Uganda begins here.

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From iconic bucket-list adventures to authentic cultural and wildlife expeditions, we craft the treetops, the undiscovered and the unexpected – your adventure is our mission.

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From iconic bucket-list adventures to authentic cultural and wildlife expeditions, we craft the treetops, the undiscovered and the unexpected – your adventure is our mission.

Breathtaking Fort Portal Experience

Enjoy thrills like pool parties, the Amabeere Ga’ nyinamwiru, Nyakasura Falls, Sempaya Hot springs at Semuliki Game Reserve, hiking Kyeganywa Hilltop, and silent disco while travelling in luxury.

Breathtaking L. Mburo & L. Bunyonyi Experience

Take a breathtaking experience of L. Mburo National Park, Igongo Country Home and Museum. Proceed to Kisoro via L. Bunyonyi to Gahiza Island on Lake Mutanda for a camping experience.

Breathtaking Holiday at Lemala Wild Waters Lodge

Wildwaters Lodge lies on a unique private island mid-stream within the mighty River Nile in Uganda. It’s in a sublime location only reached by boat making it an adventurous place to stay

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Michael Kaggwa


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