The Equator Snow Lodge Experience

Two years ago, I was part of a team that included an American model, Marlina Moreno that went on a mountain climbing expedition on Mountain Rwenzori. And while trying to figure out our accommodation plans during the trip, we came across the Equator Snow Lodge.

Strategically located at the gateway to the Rwenzori Mountains, the Geolodge is undoubtedly the mountain’s best-kept secret. Equator Snow Lodge is the newest lodge in the GeoLodges Uganda portfolio which opened in December 2012. Set at the Gateway to the Rwenzori Mountain National Park, the lodge is built using the roundest stones from the river Mubuku.


The facility’s proprietor is Mr Zahid Alam, who runs over three holiday lodges across Uganda. These include Jacana Safari Lodge in Queen Elizabeth National Park, The Rain Forest Lodge in Mabira, Nile Safari Lodge in Murchison Falls National Park and more recently The Observatory on the escarpment overlooking Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Cold, but thrilling night.

While the daytime at the lodge comes with some Instagram worth views and sights, the night is the total opposite. Aside from the cold that you feel deep down to your bones, the nights are pitch black. We were later told this situation is attributed to the fact that the lodge is right where the Mt. Rwenzori portals majestically rise off the ground and start shooting skywards. 

The facility runs on a solar power system, with a 10.30 pm power out deadline. With regards to the cold, you need not worry, as each cottage has a fully functioning fireplace.

Dining the organic way

All the food served here, particularly fruits and vegetables is sourced locally and very fresh at that, evident from the freshly picked fruits that I enjoyed during my stay.  

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