The hidden treasures of Pian Upe wildlife reserve

On Thursday 16th November 2023, the State minister for tourism, wildlife, and antiquities Hon. Martin Mugarra Bahinduka in conjunction with Miss Uganda Foundation and Breathtaking Uganda  launched the Pian Upe and Lokichar Wildlife reserves tour in Karamoja region.

The four day tour shall run from the departure date of Thursday 30th November to return date on Sunday, 3rd December 2023.

The delegation will set off from Kampala, meeting and flag off at the Uganda Museum in the morning.

I&M Media brings you a detailed insight about the hidden beautiful treasures of Pian Upe wildlife reserve.

About the prestigious Game Reserve.

Pian Upe is a tremendous wildlife reserve deriving it’s name from the Karamojong local dialect which denotes “Friendly enemy”.

It is dominated by tree species like red acacia, desert date, harrisonia, Abyssinia, red spike thorns and shrubs like butterfly pea and wooly caper bush.


Producing a superb visual scenery, Pian Upe wildlife reserve covers an area of 2043 square Km.

Pian Upe is the second largest protected of all reserves after Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda.

It’s also the largest reserve in the country. The reserve is located in Karamoja in North Easter part of Uganda in Napiripirit district.


This reserve is habitat to dramatic and spectacular landscapes comprising of the volcanic mountain of Napak, the foothills of mountain Kadama and Inselburgs.

The hills adjacent to Girigirk River, grasslands and wetlands around lake opeta, rivers and springs all spice up the beautiful scenery of the reserve.

This remarkable reserve also has hot springs of hot sprin and it is known as one of the incredible destinations with mercury wells at mountain Kadama.

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